Innovative Behandlungsplanung

Innovative treatment-planning

In addition to the established methods , the medical team of the RadioChirurgicum has developed an innovative planning procedure which enables a more specific irradiation of the tumor while maximally sparing the surrounding healthy tissue:


  • i-ART® „intraoperative image based advanced radiosurgical targeting“
  • f-ART® „functional imaging based advanced radiosurgical targeting“


The i-ART® method for example is applied at radiosurgical treatments after incomplete removal of brain tumors and uses intraoperative neuronavigation photos and images that were made by the neurosurgeon during surgery according to an established protocol in addition to the planning MRI. This ensures that parts of the tumor that would otherwise not be seen in the planning MRI, are clearly located and included in the target area of irradiation.


The f-ART® method is used for the irradiation of brain tumors in highly sensitive areas of the brain, in the vicinity of brain pathways and functional areas such as language or motor centers. The radiosurgical treatment is planned on the basis of MRI images with specific sequences in which the brain pathways and brain function areas can be shown. So this most sensitive areas of the brain can be spared.