Das Ärzteteam im Radiochirurgicum

Members of the medical team in Radiochirurgicum

A high level of focused knowledge and expertise in neurosurgery, radiotherapy and medical physics


The CyberKnife ® team of the center RadioChirurgicum consists of a group of highly specialized and experienced radiation oncologists and neurosurgeons who are active in leading positions in various clinics all over Germany treating their own patients in the RadioChirurgicum in Göppingen with the CyberKnife® . All doctors have decades of experience in their field. In addition to the CyberKnife ® radiosurgery, we offer almost the complete range of neurosurgical and radiotherapeutic treatments.


The RadioChirurgicum merges all the experiences of the various disciplines to provide dedicated skills adapted to your needs. Our team of experts in the RadioChirurgicum is supported by specially trained medical technicians, X-ray assistants, nurses and medical assistants. The patients will be accompanied professionally competently and empathetically during and after the CyberKnife ® treatment. A psycho - oncological service is also available to take care of the patients.