THE Modern Radiosurgery

Concentrating and focusing on the most important: The Tumor

The modern cancer therapy covers a multitude of various methods of treatment. In addition to the surgical removal there are many forms of medicinal tumor therapy, as well as the treatment of tumors with high energy (ionizing) radiation. The selection of the appropriate method differs from patient to patient, taking into account not only the disease but also the attending circumstances as well as the living conditions of the individual patient to ensure the ideal therapy.

Radiosurgery is a special kind of radiotherapy which requires considerable technical resources. Many rays from different directions intersect directly in the tumor, which has been exactly localized through different techniques. By using this approach, a high amount of dose can be given into tumor area while the unbundled single rays are rather harmless for the surrounding healthy tissue.

Because of the fact that the high dose area is just arising in crossing areas, it is possible to irradiate the tumor within sub millimeter precision. Highly focusing with a high spatial resolution allows the system to kill the tumor cells persistently in about 90% of the cases, without giving harm to the surrounding healthy tissue