Dr. Gerhard Janasik

PD. DR. Dr. Günther Feigl

Senior Physician I Clinic for neurosurgery
Clinic Bamberg

After his studies and perennial brain tumor research in the US, PD Dr. Dr. Günther Feigl already started within his dissertation with radiosurgery of pituitary tumours with the Gamma Knife system. He absolved his specialized training at worldwide prestigious neurosurgeons in Hannover (Prof. Samii) and Tübingen (Prof. Tagagiba) and is today senior physician of the neurosurgery at the clinic of Bamberg.

His specialties are in the fields of surgery of the cranial base and neurooncology. He habilitated at the Eberhard Karls University with his work about the use of radiosurgery in the field of neurosurgery. With his expertise as a neurosurgeon and many years experience in radiosurgery he  is able to function as a cooperation-partner for the patient to work out the most suitable therapy program.