the Cyberknife®-system

It is a perfect combination of robotics and high-precision radiotherapy


The CyberKnife ® system consists of a radiation device, called a linear accelerator which is mounted on the arm of an industrial robot which moves around the patient during the treatment, controlled by an imaging software without touching the patient.


In contrary to other stereotactic devices e.g. linear accelerators, the CyberKnife ® uses a combination of a precise image guidance system on one hand and a robotic steered linear accelerator on the other: Both patient- and tumor movements are recorded in real time and the position of the treatment beam is immediately adjusted to the correct position.


The patient can lie comfortably on his back on the treatment table. The individual radiation beams which are delivered from many different directions are directed on the tumor with a sub-millimeter accuracy. This way the required radiation dose can be delivered with a high precision from several sides keeping each single dose to a minimum but reaching the required high radiation dosage to destroy the tumor cells only within the tumor where all beams intersect. Since the individual beams have only a very low radiation dosage they are harmless to healthy tissue.


The treatment with the CyberKnife ® can therefore offer an alternative for benign and malignant tumors, but also serve as an adjunct to surgery, e.g. when tumors could not be removed completely.


The CyberKnife ® - demonstrates an impressive precision, which minimizes the radiation dose to healthy tissue and organs.


Functionality Cyberknife®