New treatment options for tumor patients by using CyberKnife®

Advanced therapy options

The flexibility of the robot arm allows to treat tumors in almost every specific region of the body. This method can also be used to aftertreat the residual tumor if the tumor was not able to be fully removed. On the other hand the CyberKnife® allows the treatment of complex tumors, which are not operable due to their location.

Treatment in comfortable supine position

The treatment takes place in a comfortable supine position with no need to limit the respiration of the patient to minimize the tumor movement. Due to the extraordinary tracking capabilities of the CyberKnife®-system there is no need for a stabilizing frame at the skull of the patient.


Only a few treatment sessions

A treatment with the CyberKnife®-System  consists of one to  maximal five therapy sessions lasting about one hour. As a result it is possible to complete the treatment for most of the patients within one to five days - in contrast to the conventional radiotherapy, which usually take several weeks.


Pain-free treatment

The system provides a painless, non-invasive, ambulatory treatment- without long lasting recovery. After the treatment a prompt return to everyday activities is possible.